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Formuler Z10

The Formuler Z10 is not just your average multimedia streaming device; it’s an OTT (Over-The-Top) set-top box that comes packed with features designed to enhance your entertainment experience. 

While it offers numerous advantages right out of the box, customizing your Formuler Z10 can elevate your streaming, gaming, and media playback to a whole new level. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to quickly customize your Formuler Z10 to suit your preferences and needs.

OTT Official is a leading provider of cutting-edge technological products in Canada, offering a diverse range of devices, including the Formuler Z10, to meet the evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers. With a commitment to excellence in both product selection and customer service. 

Personalizing the User Interface

The Formuler Z10 comes with a user-friendly interface, but you can make it truly yours by personalizing it.

Installing Your Favorite Apps

Installing Your Favorite Apps

One of the key advantages of the Formuler Z10 is its ability to run a wide range of apps. Whether you’re into streaming services, gaming, or productivity tools, you can easily install and organize your favorite apps. Use the Google Play Store to explore and install the apps that cater to your specific entertainment and productivity needs.

Customizing the Home Screen

The home screen is your gateway to your Formuler Z10‘s capabilities. You can customize it by adding widgets, shortcuts, or organizing your apps for quick access. This allows you to create a home screen layout that aligns with your daily routine, making it easier to access your most-used apps and features.

Configuring Network and Streaming Settings

Configuring Network and Streaming Settings

To fully leverage the advantages of the Formuler Z10, ensure that your network and streaming settings are optimized. You can adjust network preferences, set up Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, and configure streaming quality settings to ensure smooth and high-quality media playback.

Personalized Remote Control

The Formuler Z10 comes with a remote control, but did you know you can further customize it for your convenience? You can program certain buttons for quick access to your most-used functions, ensuring that your Formuler Z10 remote becomes an extension of your entertainment experience.


The Formuler Z10 is a versatile multimedia streaming device and OTT set-top box that offers a multitude of advantages straight out of the box. However, by taking the time to personalize and customize it according to your preferences, you can maximize its potential and tailor it to your unique needs.


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